About Us

"Food tastes better when you eat it with your family" to provide a professional yet homey style of hospitality that make each one a guest, wonderful view, great taste, a clean and comfortable place to stay, a smile and a pleasant attitude, a small village for kids can turn strangers into family members having dinner or lunch in their home.

Life is like a restaurant you walk in hopefully find good food and good company and walk back out with great memories.

Introducing a new and unique place of "enjoying” is never easy.

Vue De Kooz is a Lebanese restaurant at Ghedras- Kesrouan that serves Lebanese food cooked by Vue De Kooz Family members.

Our guests are our "family member’s restaurant” to whom we care about and let them feel comfortable and relaxed in a unique, far and peaceful place.

"Food and Place”, both are in priority which it refers to "Health and Relaxation”.

You are welcome any time to catch it all.

"Ahla w Sahla"

Vue De Kooz